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Nuclear engineer Keshe gives information about his new book: The universal order of creation of Matters. He explains the principles of gravity, and these principles also apply on the interaction inside the neutron between Matter, Antimatter and Dark Matter. The neutron is mainly composed by these three fundamental Matters. Till now it was assumed that the neutron was composed by three quarks, one upper and two down. Tiny magnetic fields are the real fundamental particles originating from a cosmic magnetic soup. Fields of similar strength can entangle in a dynamic pack. Three packs of such with different strength make the three basic type of Matters (Antimatter, Dark Matter and Matter), and they can interlock to make the Initial fundamental Plasma or Neutron. This neutron can decay into a plasma of a proton and a plasma of an electron, and both still contain parts of the Matters trinity of the original plasma. They have each an individual, and together an overall, magnetospheric condition which is ruled by Magnetic and gravitational fields strengths. This is similar to the inward Gravitational and outward Magnetic fields of Earth. Based on these new first principles prototype reactors were build, with amazing results, like creating lift and motion without burning fuel, and achieve fusion in a simple way. Now it becomes possible to create at any point-of-demand in an affordable way vast amounts of energies (like electricity and heat) and motion, and matters like water, food and new materials, and to develop new space technology.
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